July 9, 2021

Hello? Anyone out there? Anyone wondering about darts and the “back in the day” when we used to play? 
Well wonder no more. Myself and a couple of other Execs met on Thursday for a pint and to chat about the future. It was a unanimous decision to proceed with a 2021-22 SPPDL Dart Season! YAAAAHHHH! Stay tuned for AGM and registration dates announcements via Facebook, www.dartsinthepark.com and email.
BTW, our venues are also excited to have us start up again; Oscars and Rosies have their dart boards open. No need to wait for the season to start, so stop by for drinkies and start chucking them darts!
Ryan Saulou
SPPDL President

August 23, 2020

Hey there everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well during these recent months. Enjoying the summer, the rain, the heat and the fact that liquor stores remained open! 🙂

Now to the meat of this communication regarding the 2020-21 Sherwood Park Pub Dart League.  Last week I met with the Executive (total 4 of 6 were able to attend) and we mulled over the Darts Alberta document: COVID-19 Safe Return to Darts Protocols for Stage 2 as of June 30, 2020

We then came to the disheartening conclusion that our dart league, as we know it, cannot operate under the protocols of Darts Alberta. We are not the only league to cancel their 2020-21 season along with the cancellation of the 2020 Klondike Open. In place of leagues, smaller “dart cohort” groups are appearing by following the Darts Alberta protocols. These cohort groups can be created and managed by anyone who chooses to do so. Personally, I have investigated this option myself but chose not to proceed based on my work environment and “return to school” season approaching.  I urge anyone to thoroughly read the resources from Darts Alberta if you are interested in creating your own safe dart cohort.

Lastly, my term as President for the Sherwood Park Pub Dart League has been fulfilled (2 years). Since we are unable to have a full league Annual General Meeting, I will remain in this position and as “key contact” until an AGM w/election can be held.

Cheers and stay safe!
Ryan Saulou
SPPDL President

Darts Alberta Covid Resources – https://www.dartsalberta.com/page/37836/COVID19-Resources

June 4, 2020
Thank you to all that made it out last Monday to pop into Oscars to pickup your team’s “Banquet Funds”. To those that were not able to visit, I will be at Oscars again on Monday June 8th from ~7-8pm.
Ryan Saulou
SPPDL President

May 31, 2020
Hey there everyone,

First off, I apologize for this being rather late.  I was hoping that with the phased in openings of our venues that we might be able to squeeze in one last tournament night before officially calling it a “done” season.  Unfortunately this will not happen and a decision had to be made.

The League standings will go down in history as they were at the point in time when Covid shut things down.  Therefore, CONGRATS to following teams and players:

A Division
1st Place – Men With Large Darts
2nd Place – Three Darts Out
3rd Place – No Bulls Hit

B Division
1st Place – Trouble With Trebles
2nd Place – Only Chicken Dinners
3rd Place – Here For The Beer

C Division
1st Place – The Quick Finishers
2nd Place – Angry Dragons
3rd Place – Hit of Miss

A Division Individual
High Finish – 149 David White
High Score – 160 Brendan Sanche
Ladies High Finish – 96 Cindy Superkoski
Ladies High Score – 140 DeAnn McNally

B Division Individual
High Finish – 133 Greg Beebe
High Score – 164 Ken McLean
Ladies High Finish – 84 Suzanne Weed
Ladies High Score – 146 Donna Kennedy

C Division Individual
High Finish – 94 Carl Young
High Score – 162 Lisa Kozak
Ladies High Finish – 77 Therese Donaldson
Ladies High Score – 162 Lisa Kozak

Christmas Turkey Shoot Tournament
1st Place – Moe, Mark, Greg
2nd Place – Carl, Tom, Brian

A Division Singles Tournament
1st Place – Kyle Jackson
2nd Place – Richard Nousek

B Division Singles Tournament
1st Place – Charlie McDonald
2nd Place – Antony White

C Division Singles Tournament
1st Place – Carl Young
2nd Place – Graham Burkhart

180 Shooters
Brian Deane, Ryan Allison, Trevor Andrew, Sam Suik, Dane Clarke, Richard Nousek, David White, J.D. Alley(2), AndyTurnbull, Kyle Jackson, Antony White, Will Davila, Greg Beebe, Stacy Nanninga, Taylor Anstice, Richard Lewicki(2), Amy Lucchin

Congratulations again to all the winners!

Next, the banquet or lack thereof.  Since a large portion of our league fees go towards the banquet, the Executive have decided to “buy you a dinner” by refunding $40 to each fully paid/full time player.  Fees were collected by your team captain therefore the refunds will be given back to your team captain to disperse individually.  Please, only captains or one player in lieu of your captain to collect the team refund.  I plan to be at Oscars Pub on Monday June 1st from ~7:00pm to 8:00pm to distribute the refunds. Sorry for the short notice,

Lastly, I’d like to thank the rest of the Executive for their work:  Dwayne Wall (Vice President), Karen Lewicki (Treasurer), Jesse Teufeld (Draw Master), Stacy Nanninga (Bar Liaison) and Debbie Stirrat (Secretary).  Of course a HUGE thank you to all the SPPDL members for a “memorable” season.  

Cheers and take care everyone!
Ryan Saulou
SPPDL President


April 28, 2020
Hey there everyone, I hope you all are doing well with our current situation. Just a brief update that the SPPDL Exec are in conversation regarding the details of closing the 2019-20 season. Stay tuned for further details!
Cheers everyone!
Ryan Saulou
SPDDL President


Welcome to the 2019/20 Season!

April 13 – League Singles
May 4 – President’s Cup: A Division
May 4 – Vice President’s Cup: B Division
May 4 – Treasure’s Cup: C Division
May 8 – Year End Banquet
March 15 – Due to the latest announcements regarding COVID19, Monday’s tournament will be cancelled.  
This decision was jointly agreed upon by the majority of the SPPDL Executive.


Further SPPDL updates will come based on the latest news closer to our league schedule dates.


For latest “non-media optic” health info, please refer to the Alberta Health website.
This email has been sent to ALL SPPDL members that have provided a valid email address.  Please make sure your fellow players are aware.
Congrats to the 2020 Divisional Singles winners…..
A Division – 1st Place: Kyle Jackson, 2nd Place: Richard Nousek
B Division – 1st Place: Charlie McDonald, 2nd Place: Antony White
C Division – 1st Place: Carl Young, 2nd Place: Graham Burkhart
Thanks to all that participated, $532 was collected for the Strathcona Food Bank!
Congrats to the 2019 Christmas Turkey Shoot winners…..
1st Place – Moe, Mark, Greg 
2nd Place – Carl, Tom, Brian
Thanks to everyone for participating and MERRY CHRISTMAS!